This Hidden Cutting Board Hack Will Make Your Kitchen Seem Neater Than It Really Is

Can you say genius?!

pull out cutting board drawer hack
Joe Schmelzer
House Beautiful
House Beautiful, October 2019
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By now, Marie Kondo has made an indelible mark on the homes of the world, leaving us all with a penchant for decluttering. One area where most homes can really use such a cleanout is the kitchen—I mean, who really needs a countless amount of plastic containers, six different bottle openers, or even seven different cutting boards?

While we may not be able to convince you to cut down your Tupperware colleciton (I get it, you need a million different sizes) we have a pretty genius idea about what to do about cutting down on cutting boards—by turning one into a drawer.

pull out cutting board
The masterpiece, created by Alice Lane Interior Design.
Joe Schmelzer

First things first: throw out every cutting board you own. That's right, all of them. Once those are out of your hair (and your kitchen) you'll be able to install a pull-out cutting board, like this one designed by Alice Lane Interiors. And trust us, it'll be the only cutting board you'll want—and need—for the rest of your life.

The best part of this genius contraption—besides the decluttering aspect of no longer needing a ton of cutting boards—is the fact that the pull-out board is strategically placed above a pull-out garbage, and comes complete with a hole for the easy disposal of whatever is leftover. If you don't have time to clean up after your cutting board use, you'll be able to tuck it away back into its drawer until you can find a moment in your busy life to wipe it off. How easy is that?

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