30 Breakfast Nooks That'll Make Every Morning a Little Sunnier

(Almost) as energizing as coffee.

breakfast nooks
Studio DB

A formal dining room can feel too fancy for everyday use while a breakfast nook is meant to be comfortable, approachable, and conducive to intimate conversations and meals. Plus, Much like powder rooms, breakfast nooks provide the perfect opportunity for decorating special littles jewel boxes. Keep it cozy, go bold, or try something sleek and modern—but don't do anything without checking this collection of thirty undeniably stylish cozy nooks first. We've got breakfast nook inspiration to fit any style, size, and budget. And we mean any.

kid-friendly breakfast nook
Chango & Co.
Make It Kid-Friendly

If you want a space that's fun for your kids but cool enough for you, this one designed by Chango & Co. is the ultimate inspiration. From the oversized drum pendant to the cheerful threes and corresponding wall art, it's chic but approachable.

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breakfast nook ideas
Bring On the Drama

This color combo in a breakfast nook designed by NICOLEHOLLIS Studio feels glam without being gaudy in the slightest. The cushy channeled sofa is a nice contrast to the angular wooden chairs and hardwood chairs. The lone pendant light and dramatic artwork top things off.

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Tamsin Johnson
Whimsy Meets Wit

If you never met a stripe you didn't like, add them into your breakfast nook with upholstered chairs. You can change out the color depending on the season. This one designed by Tamsin Johnson is such a refreshing mix of styles, too, from the moody and provocative framed photographs to the casual rattan table, modern walls, and whimsical yet classic upholstery.

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Cameron Ruppert Design
Use Cheerful Colors

Rattan furniture and navy and white with splashes of pink make for an energizing breakfast nook—just what we all need first thing in the morning. Designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors, the built-inn seating also features smart storage.

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Katie Hodges
Try an Unexpected Composition

Designed by Katie Hodges, this petite breakfast nook keeps things classic in design and palette, but the composition is a fun surprise. Instead of facing chairs out, have them angled inward. It looks cool and also sets the mood for more intimate conversation (or focused homework sessions).

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classic breakfast nook
Studio DB
Stick to the Classics

The classic color combo never fails. Choose pillows in varying shades of blue to keep it from becoming too monochromatic. We also love how Studio DB painted the cabinets a subtle pale gray tone to soften the bright white furniture.

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Transportive Power

Designed by ETC.etera in the Firehouse Hotel, this multi-purpose nook (Read here! Sip coffee here! Work here! Post it on Instagram!) is so incredibly stylish. Just looking at it transports us to the English parlor we've always dreamed of—the one that's somehow both from the past and the future.

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small corner breakfast nook
Studio DB
Hang Bold Artwork

A bold, colorful breakfast nook is the kind everyone wants to hang out in. This tiny one designed by Studio DB is tucked under the stairs, which proves that you don't need a ton of space to make a big impact.

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Reid Rolls
Make It Inviting

You don't need a massive kitchen. Take note from this country chic and sweet breakfast nook designed by Leanne Ford. Just slide up a slim bistro table and stool.

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modern breakfast nook
Arent & Pyke
Get Sophisticated

Mix dark green and brown to make a white kitchen feel both cool and earthy. If your nook is by a window or gets a lot of sunlight, you won't have to worry about the dark tones dulling your space. In this modern and sophisticated breakfast nook designed by Arent & Pyke, the black and white abstract art brings depth to the white walls.

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Studio DB
Moring Glory

Pops of yellow from shades and pillows make a room feel a bit sunnier — even on those cloudy, gross days. If the bold color intimidates you, choose something with a pattern to break it up and don't incorporate it through your staple and investment pieces.

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Arent & Pyke
Be Resourceful

In smaller spaces, where a tulip table is all you can squeeze in, choose fun accent chairs and consider built-in benches. A casual gallery wall or statement-making floating shelves with decor will spice things up without taking up any precious square footage. This breakfast nook designed by Arent & Pyke proves it.

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John Gruen
Placement Is Key

Breakfast with a view? We're in. Country-chic and simply soothing.

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breakfast nook design ideas
David A. Land
Carve Your Own Space

A statement wall or ceiling in a fun, on-trend color is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting. We're loving the way this lavender hue contrasts with the rustic turquoise pieces and traditional red barrel chairs and accents throughout this cozy nook. Plus, it also proves that you don't need to customize a built-in banquet. Just use a settee.

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Shannon McGrath
Think About Day-to-Night Transitions

Kill two birds with one stone: A taupe breakfast nook can easily transition to a dining room at night. This one designed by Robson Rak is light like the day, but mysterious like the night.

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Grey Crawford
Say Yes to Wallpaper

Don't stress about your kids ruining your furniture. Cover your banquettes in faux leather so they're essentially spill-proof.

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Annie Schlechter
Don't Be Afraid of a Low Ceiling

Who needs high ceilings when low ones are so much cozier? Not us, especially when said low ceilings are blessed with exposed beams like these. This breakfast nook is bursting with character and warmth.

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Hecker Guthrie
Go Higher

Try a bar-height table and stools instead of a traditional breakfast table. It's especially cool—and a serious space saver—in a city apartment. This one designed by Hecker Guthrie is an extension of the kitchen island.

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Victoria Pearson
Squeeze Into a Corner

A breakfast nook with built-in seating makes the space feel that much more intimate and inviting. Add printed, multicolor pillows to up the lived-in look. Bonus points if your space is graced with sloped ceilings.

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Hecker Guthrie
Keep Things Simple

Skip the upholstery. Sleek whicker chairs and minimalist round table will make your breakfast as cool and simple as this one designed by Hecker Guthie.

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Paul Raeside
Go All Out

If you have n extra room that you want to turn into a second dining room that's still formal but slightly less so, use this space as inspiration. A vibrant carpet, wallpaper statement wall, patterned drapes, and a blush ceiling make this breakfast room unforgettable. A bit modern, a bit old-school.

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Nicole Franzen
Stick to Neutrals

Pure white can feel a little stark, but if you want to keep your nook neutral, there's a solution. Try cream or off-white — the warmer tones feel more inviting and opt for avant garde silhouettes for a more modern and impactful aesthetic.

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Tamsin Johnson
Take It Outside

We often get out best design ideas from cool hotels while traveling, and Rae's On Wategos is no exception (unsurprisingly, since it was designed by the inimitable Tamsin Johnson). If you have any outdoor space at all—even just a tiny balcony), take advantage of it with a small bistro table and chairs, but then add a whimsical and bright cushion like these for comfort and style.

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Opt for Grayscale

NICOLEHOLLIS Studio opted for a classic monochromatic color scheme and contemporary pieces that strike the perfect balance between edgy and understated.

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pillow fitted window seat
Amy Neunsinger
Tell a Story

Balance out blush walls with patterns in your shades and upholstery. It'll feel fresh and vibrant instead of overtly feminine.

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Heidi Caillier Design
Assert a Sense of Place

Take location into consideration when designing your breakfast book. In this stylish cabin in the Pacific Northwest, interior designer Heidi Caillier asserts a sense of place while still making it feel unique and elevated through fitting artwork, color schemes, materials, and pattern.

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Paul Raeside
Incorporate Vintage Pieces

Go raid your parents' attic—they might have cool old furniture stashed away that could create a unique, vintage-meets-modern breakfast nook. Think pedestal tables and antique chairs paired with cool shades and a geometric pendant lamp.

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Alexandra Ribar
Highlight Architecture

Unlike most dining rooms, this one designed by Leanne Ford Interiors doesn't use a large pendant light as the focal point. Instead, the focus is on the space itself. To enhance the beauty of a space like this one, work with raw materials like concrete, jute, and wood, and keep those beams exposed. An abstract painting in light clay tones elevates the dining nook even more.

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Christopher Sturman
Design Roomy Seating

If you've got the room, try a pedestal table. It can seat more people than the typical table, but the real perk is all that extra legroom. It's crucial for easily sliding in and out of the banquette seats.

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Douglas Friedman
Cozy Up By a Window

No space? No problem. A tiny window seat is the perfect spot to sip your morning coffee.

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